Monday, 23 January 2012

The Promised Sudden Recap

Lets make this sudden shall we??

November 2011

A trip (again, twice in a year is only necessary for those pining home and willing to settle for a half arsed medium) to Gibraltar. Did a lot of walking up a big rock.

Celebrated my 24th birthday in my current favourite bar in Seville, which happens to be down the road from where I live, with live music and good drinks. Cafe Tarifa, Avda de Miraflores - check it out!

 December 2011
Went to Granada for a couple of days. Que chuli! Cool town, made new friends.

And went back to England to see friends and family.

And so... 2012?
  • I hope to travel and see more of Europe and nearby places. Morrocco in Feb, Lisbon in July??

  • Exploit every resource to ace my Spanish exam in May. Yes, thats right kiddos, you ARE teaching me Spanish as you so rightly pointed out in class today.

  • Perhaps to find love (?) that was my resolution last year supposedly. Ended up dating people that weren't at all right for me. Good experience nonetheless. I'm just going for eye potential suitors. However, the boss of Thai Square restaurant in Soho told me when we went for my parents 25th wedding anniversary last year to look for someone who is kind, not only with good looks. On the other hand, my grandmother always says (devout christian but will repeat this line on tap) "You want to marry a rich man who can't swim and has a bad heart" before laughing hysterically and also having it published proudly in her community newspaper.

I am excited for this year. I will FORCE it to be a good one! It just will be!

Happy New Year!

After a three month hiatus its suddenly 2012 and well into the first month of the new year. Time has a habit of moving slowly or swiftly without explaining itself. A concept purely of the mind and not limited to a clock.

Seeing as I've missed you oh mighty blog, I am forced to do a sudden recap. First however, lets start with the present. There isn't anything but you know.

Vamos a teatro!

Quite bold I believe. I'm not theatre-ish, well, I really didn't think I was despite ridiculously enjoying myself in school plays as a youngster, until I went to the theatre last night. I went to see a play called Pánico. Primarily set in a bathroom, it is about three women who reveal their deepest secrets and their romantic hopes and dreams to each other.

Actresses Maria Almudéver and Mireia Pérez

I was absolutely besides myself for being able to follow the story more or less as it was in Spanish. I missed the very beginning as my landlady who had graciously taken me along in a friend's car became lost on the streets of the Macarena. It was quite a coincidence as I was lost on the exact same streets the previous night on the way back from....


My friend has passed her drivers licence. So, with that, a few of us decided to go to a nearby town. The beautiful Carmona. Not really much to see or do, but the tapas you can find there are GREAT and the town pretty. With a car Andalucia really is your oyster.