Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy New Year!

After a three month hiatus its suddenly 2012 and well into the first month of the new year. Time has a habit of moving slowly or swiftly without explaining itself. A concept purely of the mind and not limited to a clock.

Seeing as I've missed you oh mighty blog, I am forced to do a sudden recap. First however, lets start with the present. There isn't anything but you know.

Vamos a teatro!

Quite bold I believe. I'm not theatre-ish, well, I really didn't think I was despite ridiculously enjoying myself in school plays as a youngster, until I went to the theatre last night. I went to see a play called Pánico. Primarily set in a bathroom, it is about three women who reveal their deepest secrets and their romantic hopes and dreams to each other.

Actresses Maria Almudéver and Mireia Pérez

I was absolutely besides myself for being able to follow the story more or less as it was in Spanish. I missed the very beginning as my landlady who had graciously taken me along in a friend's car became lost on the streets of the Macarena. It was quite a coincidence as I was lost on the exact same streets the previous night on the way back from....


My friend has passed her drivers licence. So, with that, a few of us decided to go to a nearby town. The beautiful Carmona. Not really much to see or do, but the tapas you can find there are GREAT and the town pretty. With a car Andalucia really is your oyster.

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