Monday, 21 May 2012

Live Music Festivals Happen Here Too!

Its been awhile, a little while, since I have trekked across a muddy field towards the echoey sounds of electric guitars and flailing voices yelling "Hello (insert city name here)!! We love you!" And, as it turns out, I have truly missed it.

This weekend was Seville's own music festival: Territorios. Spread out over two nights and four stages Territorios is the only festival of its kind in Andalucia and my first experience of a music festival outside of England. It was certainly different to what I'm used to. The line-up didn't consist of current big international names and the programme was not as shiny and flashy as, say, the illuminous Coachella of the US. However, it does give the music lover a chance to listen to names that are almost there in terms of fame (or in some cases, have been already there) yet still have a lot to give.

My favourite of favourites had to be Fuel Fandango....

... I oddly felt a girly crush on lead singer Nita upon which I blame the stage which was adorned with big flowers of some kind. She is from Córdoba and so was here having the chance to sing more or less on her home soil. I lost all my friends when I saw this band so I chose to be right at the front with the die-hards all with flowers in their hair and fans in their hands.

Best performance award goes to !!! or Chk Chk Chk. The lead singer's uninhibited sexuality, his spiral dance moves and fearless ability to walk through an astounded crowd and dance with us (twice!) simply amazed me.

Band I didn't see but wish I had were 17 Hippies. I have been told it was "like being at a Romanian wedding."

In conclusion, I forgot I was in Andalucia and could have been rocking out in Glastonbury, almost. However, only here would there be a music festival on from 20.00-07.00 at night. Only, only here.

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