Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I Predict a Riot! Of the Russian Kind.

Oh, I've been spammed. How dare random users of the internet link their pornographic site to this blog! A certain website under a certain guise has fooled me into clicking onto their garbage. I guess this is a common occurrance in the blogosphere but not one that I'm privy to.

This website supposedly came from Russia but I've read online that its normally other countries pretending to be from eastern Europe that are the real culprits. One of these real culprits listed as being England. All in the name of schmuck.


It does, however, bring me "nicely" onto what I intended to blog about. And that is of a few unexpected Russian revolutionaries. Last Friday three members of the band Bikini Kill Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in a minimum security colony on the grounds of hooliganism motivated by religous hatred.

Masha, Katia, Nadia
What strikes me most is that they are reported not to be crazy, political, madwomen hell bent on changing the world. According to the guardian, they "were lovely, sweet-natured, bright young things who just didn't see why they shouldn't have a voice."
From what I have personally seen through their interviews is that they seemed to have told each other to keep smiling and not to show their fear. Its bravery. Even during the sentencing they still wore those balaclavas. Not the ones of the bright, colourful kind, that they wear whilst perforning in their band, but the invisible balaclavas of their smiles and unbothered looks of "is this over yet?"
Pussy Riot
Some lucky escapees in balaclavas a symbol of Pussy Riot.

However, in my opinion, storming a cathedral is probably not the best idea. I feel many will not be able to see past the fact they were in fancy dress on an altar pretending to pray and playing punk. This is pretty much  the same thing as waving two middle fingers and blowing a big, fat raspberry at Russia's beloved Virgin Mary. However, they are young, they are female or known in Russian simply as devushki "girls" so how else will their voice be heard? I doubt Putin is down with the Russian youth, asking for their opinions and thoughts about how to lead the country. He has pretty much ruled Russia for fourteen years under numerous names such as: Leader of Russia, President of Russia, Director of the Federal Security Service, Chairman of the Council of... (we get it Vlads, you run this shit) to hell like the little people matter.

I hope, if people are able to look past that altar-punk-rock-momemt, they will see that Pussy Riot didn't intend any harm towards religion and Russia, they are just tired of the oppression they feel from a 60 year old man and links he has to the church as an institution and power therein. They've put the European spotlight of fame and blame uncomfortably on Putin and may get a few album sales to boot. Win, win, win.

Here's to hoping their sentence will get appealed so they won't be shipped off to Siberia and eaten by yetis.

And here's to hoping, most of all, that Russian (or whoever they are) spammers will stay away from my blog!

An added note: What is WITH the media transforming Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (Nadia) into some punk-rock protesting pin-up. This #&"@s me right off. Stop undermining them.

Yes, she is pretty, but that is not the point.

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