Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Avenues

 Its lovely when you find an artist of your time that can draw, paint or write exactly how you feel. An artist that leaves you screaming in an orgasmic "YES!!!" when viewing their work. French artist Francoise Nielly's painted faces does this for me.

Loud. Proud. Unashamedly flourescent.

Unfortunately, a fan on her facebook page ruined this for me. "Give us something different!" He proclaimed. It was then, it dawned on me. She only ever paints faces. Maybe one face or maybe a group, but only faces. I did see her paint a horse once... but it was next to a face. Did an evil genie grant her this wonderful, artistic talent but in exchange she was forever doomed to only paint a human head?

"No" she retaliated. Almost a year later.

Francoise recently published a painting of hers that is both DIFFERENT and WONDERFUL. I give you ladies and gents, the new, though rather unimaginatively named, Untitled670

le corps - without a face!

A breath of new life blown down new avenues does no harm to no one. For me, I'll be returning to Spain soon for "la tercera ronda" - a third year! While I hope for this year to be a little different from the last few, I have learnt so much on this journey that I know I can only learn more. Whether it is more about Spain, my friends or about myself, the adventure will be restarting again in a couple of weeks.

I recommend to anyone that they should try to live abroad at some point in life. It is such a valuable rite-of-passage. However, it is also highly challenging and frustrating. I struggled with the language and struggled even more with always being the only Caribbean kid in town - which people love, hate or don't care about but would always judge me first for. Maybe not always, but more than necessary. That can be hard, even if they are being positive.

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger so book your flight, pack your bags and watch your life take a new road to the horizon.


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